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1.1. The Pedestrian Race known as “89a. CORRIDA INTERNACIONAL DE SÃO SILVESTRE”, (89th INTERNATIONAL SÃO SILVESTRE RACE) created by journalist Casper Líbero, henceforth known as the EVENT, will take place on the 31st of December of 2013, in the city of São Paulo, in the distance of 15 km, with the participation of PERSONS OF BOTH GENDERS duly registered, henceforth known as ATHLETES, regardless of climatic conditions.

1.2. The Corrida Internacional de São Silvestre (INTERNATIONAL SÃO SILVESTRE RACE)  is an  event and property of the Fundação Casper Líbero (CASPER LIBERO FOUNDATION), and it is promoted by  Gazeta Esportiva.Net with the support of the Rede Globo (GLOBO TELEVISION NETWORK) which is a PARTNER of the Fundação Casper Líbero in promoting and broadcasting of the race.  The technical Organization and the delivery of the “KITS” will be made by specialized companies.

The registrations are made exclusively by the Fundação Casper Líbero on the site  which will be responsible for the receiving, management and eventual reimbursements when requested by the same.

1.3. THE EVENT will start on Paulista Avenue, next to Frei Caneca Street and the finish line will be on the same Paulista Avenue, at number 900, in front of the Casper Libero Foundation Building, according to the detailed route divulged at the site of the EVENT.

1.4. The start of the event is scheduled at the times below described, which will be confirmed upon delivery of the kit, according to the athlete´s category.  Confirm:

a. For the race;

Category of Athletes in Wheelchairs (Female and Male);
Start: from 6h50min in a single platoon.

Categories Handicapped Athletes: DEV = VISUAL Deficiency / AMP = Amputees of Lower Limbs / DMAI = Walker but handicapped of lower Limbs / DI = Intellectual Deficiency / DMS = Upper Limb Handicapped / DAU =Hard of Hearing Handicapped.
Finish: from 6h55min in single platoon.

Category Elite Athletes A/B (Female);
Finish: from 8h40min in single platoon.

• Categories Elite Athletes  A/B (Male);
Start: from 9h00min in single platoon.

Category Athletes Special Platoon (Male and Female);
Start: from 9h00min in single platoon.

Category Athletes in General (Male and Female);
Start: from 9h00min in single platoon.

* In case the schedule above is held, this may vary between approximately 7 minutes.

Up to the date of the event, adjustments can also be made relating to the route with the objective of technical enhancement and to attend the necessities of the city and pertinent public organizations keeping the start and finish lines of the above described places.
The ORGANIZATION requests extreme attention to the calls from the P.A. (public addressing system) at the area of start for eventual adjustments to the schedule.


The athletes can participate in the event subscribing to the race in the following categories:

The Casper Líbero Foundation / Gazeta, follow the model of the Racing Circuit from Rede Globo (Globo Network) / Yescom.

- Athletes in Wheelchairs;
- Athletes with Handicap;
- Athletes from Elite A;
- Athletes from Elite B;
- Athletes of the Special Squad;
- Athletes of the General Squad.

2.1. Athletes with Handicap

a. The athlete with handicap must visualize the description of each modality below and make the subscription according to the category:


CAD Wheel chaired

DEV Visual Handicap

AMP Amputees Lower Limbs

DMAI Walking but handicap in lower limbs

DI Intellectual Handicap

DMS Upper Limbs Handicap

DAU Hard of Hearing Handicap

CAD = WHEELCHAIRS - the athlete who participates of the competition with the aid of sports or competition wheelchairs, not allowing the usage of regular wheelchairs, motor wheelchairs. It is mandatory to wear helmet.

DEV = VISUAL DEFICIENCY – The athlete who has visual deficiency, featured by the loss or reduction in the resolution in the visual capacity in one or in both eyes. Every athlete who is visually handicapped, must run with a guiding athlete, and under any circumstance this guide cannot be present. The guide should attach a string (at maximum length of 0,5m) to one of the fingers or to the arm, and a specific belt for guides can also be worn.

AMP = ATHLETES AMPUTEES OF LOWER LIMBS – The athlete with handicap for lower limbs, with total or partial absence of one or two lower limbs, who wears a special prosthesis to move around.

DMAI = WALKING ATHLETES WITH HANDICAP IN LOWER LIMBS – The athlete with handicap in the lower limbs, with total preserve for the lower limbs, who wears prosthesis as a form of aid to walk ( sticks, clutches, walker, etc. ) is allowed to have the presence of the guiding athlete.

DI = INTELLECTUAL HANDICAPPED  - Participant who has the IQ (Intelligence Quotient) below  70 and/or limitations in the areas of adaptation and skills ( communication, personal care,  Family relationship, social, recreational, safety and health skills, sense of direction, schooling development, community and work relationship problems). Regardless of the degree of deficiency, the ATHLETE must run with a GUIDING ATHLETE and cannot, under any circumstances, dispose of the GUIDE. The guide cannot be ahead of the athlete, the correct positioning must be always beside or behind the athlete.

DMS = ATHLETES WITH HANDICAP IN THE UPPER LIMBS – The athlete who has a total or partial deficiency of any part of the upper limbs, which alters the balance axis, causing unstable walking.

DAU = HARD OF HEARING ATHLETES – The athlete who has not functional hearing, with total or partial loss of the hearing possibilities, varying in degrees and levels, with or without hearing prosthesis.

GUIDE = GUIDING ATHLETE – Every athlete who, during competition, follows and leads the handicapped athlete, taking care of the athlete´s integrity and safety.


  • The athletes who fit in any of the abovementioned CATEGORIES must fill the registry through the site
  • Choose “Register”, and follow each step, filling out the requested information.  
  • At step number 4 the athlete must choose the category to fit. Upon finishing the registry, a message will explain about the Exemption proceedings.  
  • The registry will be validated by the technical organization, along with the documents mentioned below by the DEPARTMENT FOR CITIZENSHIP  from the  CASPER LIBERO FOUNDATION with the LEGAL MEDICAL DEPARTMENT which will send to the TECHNICAL ORGANIZATION  of the EVENT for the approval or denial for the athlete´s subscription.
  • The athlete with handicap must send e-mail to the address with the following documents as below:
  • Bank Invoice Payment ( printed during the subscription procedure );
  • Medical Statement with validity as of July 2013, on which there must be the IHC – International Handicap Code of the Athlete. This statement must also show validity for this document.
  • Medical Statement showing that the ATHLETE is able to practice physical activities, specifically about street racing and the name of the EVENT that the athlete will participate.
  • Individual or Team Responsibility Term.
  • The original documents must be sent by mail to:  FUNDAÇÃO CÁSPER LIBERO -   DEPARTAMENTO CIDADANIA EMPRESARIAL – AV. PAULISTA 900 – 10. andar – Cerqueira Cesar – Sao Paulo/SP – CEP 01310-940.

These will be received until December 10th/2013.

  • The vacancies will be available according to the order of requests and approval of the statements.
  • The subject field on the e-mail must be filled as Inscrição para Atleta com Deficiencia. (Subscription for Athlete with Handicap).

2.2. Athletes Category Elite A

a. Any athlete for this category, must have a background of minimum timing in official races, with mandatory validation/confirmation within the last 12 (twelve) months and the validated timing of at least 2 (two) events. Following the criterion of  “REFERENTIAL TIMING” defined by the ORGANIZATION, and must communicate to this, sending the registry file through the FAX (11) 4208-7286 outlining through this the NAME, DATE OF REGISTRY and to which RACE the REFERENTIAL TIMING criterion was met.  

b. The maximum deadline to send requests for the ELITE CATEGORY A is until December 07th 2013.

c. To participate in the Male Elite squad A, the ATHLETE must have a referential timing of 1h and 08min in the official distance of the Half-Marathon and 2h and 20min in the Marathon, 58minutes for the 18km,  48minutes for the 15km and 31minutes for the 10km.

d. To participate in the Female Elite Squad A, the ATHLETE must have a referential timing of 1h and 20min in the distance of the Half-Marathon and 2h and 48 for the Marathon, 1hour and 7minutes for the 18km, 57minutes for the 15km and 36minutes for the 10km.

e. The  ATHLETES who do not have the official time for this distance and who feel able to integrate the Elite Squad must send their background resumes for analysis through the Fax (11) 4208-7286.

f. The resumes can only be sent up to 10 days prior to the EVENT.  The ORGANIZATION  will not accept or be obliged to analyze resumes sent after this schedule.  

g. In case the ATHLETE, upon the kit delivery, submits the resume, the ORGANIZATION  may or may not, on its own criterion, analyze these resumes, being the priority for those ATHLETES who sent the resumes within the schedule.

h. The ORGANIZATION does not have the obligation to reply to resumes which do not fit in the technical criteria above mentioned, i.e., the ATHLETE  must send this request if sure and able to prove accessibility features for the squads within the required ratings.

i. The payment of a subscription to the general squad does not guarantee to the elite ATHLETE the inclusion into A and B squads because these have a limit of participants and the above schedules to be met. In case the elite ATHLETE subscribes in the general squad in order to guarantee participation in the EVENT, the ORGANIZATION will not reimburse the paid amount of the registration.

j. The maximum number for ATHLETES in the ELITE MALE SQUAD A is 70.

k. The maximum number for ATHLETES in the ELITE FEMALE SQUAD is 40.  

2.3. Athletes category Elite “B”

a. For this category the ATHLETE must have a background resume of minimum timings in OFFICIAL races, and these timings must be validated/confirmed within the last 12 months and they must be within the age range of 18 and 26 years old.

b. The maximum schedule to send requests for the CATEGORY ELITE B is until 07th of December of 2013.

c. There can be part of this category the athlete recommended officially by the State Federation according to the official bulletin by the Brazilian Confederation of Athletics to be divulged. It will be accepted the recommendations of  2 (two) athletes for each Brazilian state, being 01 (one) male and 01 (one) female, regardless of the referential timing under  item 2.3, letters h and I of this REGULATION.

d. There can be part of this CATEGORY the ATHLETE officially recommended by the Federation/Confederation of origin country,  valid only for the South American countries, according to the official bulletin of the Brazilian Confederation of Athletics,  and/or the South American Confederation of Athletics to be divulged. There will be accepted recommendations for  2 (two) athletes for each South American country, being 01 (one) male and 01 (one) female, regardless of the referential timing under item 2.3 letters h and I of this REGULATION.

e. The athletes in the category Elite B are not exempt from registry fee for the event and they are not entitled to any benefit from the Organization concerning to transportation, accommodation and food expenses.

f. In case the athlete does not have referential timing in official races, based in the distances within item 2.3 letters h and I of this regulation,  it will be taken in consideration the history of the athlete´s participation in official races, and there cannot be a difference between the athlete´s referential timing and the best timing, taken in the last 12 months, of more than 20% (twenty percent).

g. The ATHLETE must do the registry through the site of the  EVENT, pay the printed invoice and send the resume of times for the analysis to the ORGANIZATION through the  FAX (11) 4208-7286 or email address, stating the NAME, TELEPHONE, E-MAIL and which RACES AND TIMES met the criterion of REFERENTIAL TIME.

h. The athlete subscribed in this CATEGORY will participate of the competition in a special platoon, not being entitled to BONUS due to age range.

i. For the participation in the Elite B Male Squad, the ATHLETE must have the referential time of  01:11;00 for the Half-Marathon, 02:23:00 for the Marathon, 01:00:00 for the 18km, 00:51:00 for the 15km and 00:32:00 for the 10km.

j. For the participation in the Elite B Female squad, the ATHLETE must have referential time of 01:23:00 for the Half-Marathon, 02:51:00 for the Marathon, 01:12:00 for the 18km, 00:59:00 for the 15km and 00:37:00 for the 10km.

k. The ATHLETES who do not have the official time for this distance and who feel able to integrate the B Elite squad must send their resumes for the analysis through the FAX (11) 4208-7286.

l. The maximum number of ATHLETES in the B Elite Male Squad is for 50 athletes.

m. The maximum number of ATHLETES in the B Elite Female Squad is for 50 athletes.

n. The ORGANIZATION may invite at its criterion ATHLETES for the B squad, and these invited athletes do not need to obey the criteria of items H and I of this regulation. It can also, by its own criterion, offer accommodation and food to athletes.

o. In case the limit is reached the ORGANIZATION will not make available more open slots for this squad.


a. the ATHLETE invited by the ORGANIZATION can take part of this category.

2.5. Athletes in the GENERAL CATEGORY

a. Every ATHLETE who do not fit specifically in one of other of the above mentioned CATEGORIES will be considered registered as GENERAL CATEGORY ATHLETE.
B.The ATHLETE of the GENERAL CATEGORY will participate of the competition according to the age range, defined below in this regulation.

c. The ATHLETE that participates in this CATEGORY will not be entitled to no other type of bonus except that forecast for the category, according to description in the item “BONUS” of this REGULATION.


a. To participate of this EVENT, the ATHLETE takes total responsibility for the data provided, understands and accepts in its totality the REGULATION and its rules, taking responsibility for all the expenses of transportation, accommodation and food, insurance and any other expenses necessary or from its participation before, during and after the EVENT.

b. To participate in this EVENT, the ATHLETE gives all the rights to use the image, including the right to the arena, renouncing to receive any income that may come from the rights to television or any type of broadcasting and/or divulging, promotions, Internet and any media at any time.

c. There will be an emergency service to the athletes, a medical support service with ambulances to give first aid and eventual removals. The continuity of the medical services   itself and also the emergency service as for any other necessity will be made through the National Health Service under the responsibility of this. The ORGANIZATION does not hold responsibility for the medical expenses that the athlete may incur during or after the race.

d. The security of the EVENT will be supported by the competent organizations and there will be monitors for the orientation of participants.

e. There will make available to the ATHLETES subscribed, Sanitary and locker facilities in the START and FINISH LINE areas.

f. The ORGANIZATION does not recommend that are left behind in the lockers any valuables such as: watches, clothes or accessories of high amount, electronic, sound and image  equipment,  or cellphones, checks, credit cards, etc.

g. The ORGANIZATION does not take responsibility for any object left in the lockers, since it is a service given as a courtesy during the race.

h. There will not be reimbursement, from the ORGANIZATION, or from SPONSORS , SUPPORTERS AND PRODUCERS, of any amount corresponding to equipment and/or accessories used by the ATHLETES in the EVENT, regardless of any reason, not even for any loss of material which ATHLETES  may come to undergo during the participation in the EVENT.

i. We recommend a thorough medical evaluation, including with the performance of ergo metrics tests, previously made by all ATHLETES.

j. Access to areas of concentration and Start are signaled and it is forbidden to jump over the grids, which outline these areas, in order to get into the track at the moment of the START or during any other moment, under any circumstances.

l. THE ORGANIZATION  of the EVENT, as well as their SPONSORS, SUPPORTERS AND PRODUCERS, does not take responsibility for damages or losses caused by the ATHLETE subscribed in the EVENT, even if this loss/damage is made to general public installations, to third parties or other participants, and these are of sole and exclusive responsibility of the Injurer.

m. Any complaint about the EXTRA OFFICIAL result of the competition must be made, in written, to the ORGANIZATION, within 30 days after the first publication of the result in the site of the EVENT.

n. The ORGANIZERS /PRODUCERS may suspend the EVENT for audience safety reasons, vandalisms, public protests, and/or reasons of force majeure.

o. The ATHLETE that in any moment does not follow the rules described in this REGULATION, or, due to omission, does not report (with a written registry and duly received by the ORGANIZERS) to this ORGANIZATION any impediment from the athlete, can and will, any time, be demoted from this EVENT.

p. Every ATHLETE has the obligation to fill out correctly, sign and deliver to the ORGANIZATIONAÇÃO the Registry Form of the EVENT.

q. The ATHLETE takes responsibility to participate in this EVENT spontaneously and in free will, exempting the responsibility the ORGANIZERS, PRODUCERS and SPONSORS, in their names and of their successors.

r. In conformity with the decision of the FUNDAÇÃO CÁSPER LÍBERO (CASPER LIBERO FOUNDATION), which is responsible to manage all the registration system, receiving and the management of these registries, in the act of registering to the EVENT the ATHLETE is making it in a totally personal and non-transferable manner, making it impossible to transfer this registry to another THLETE, as well as reimbursement of the registry values, prior to less than 30 (thirty) days of the RACE. In case the ATHLETE requests the reimbursement regardless of the reason, this request must be made in the following manner:
The athlete may request give-up/Reimbursement,   from participation in the race, sending an e-mail to
The request of give-up and reimbursement will be evaluated by the FUNDAÇÃO CÁSPER LÍBERO (CASPER LIBERO FOUNDATION) and having the confirmation the athlete will be contacted by the same Foundation to collect the reimbursement.

s. By registering to the EVENT, the ATHLETE makes his/her data available and authorizes the ORGANIZERS, SPONSORS, SUPPORTERS, PRODUCERS AND PARTNERS, so that at any moment it is sent on their behalf, to the electronic or physical address (or any other supplied) information, mailing lists or any other type of mail.

t. THE CHEST NUMBER must be attached in front of the T-shirt.

u. It is mandatory the use of CHEST NUMBER and any mutilation of said number may imply in the removal of the athlete.

v. The positioning chosen by the ATHLETE at the places of START, available in the event, prescribed in the regulation, ATHLETE´s handbook or made available by ORGANIZATION is of sole and exclusive responsibility of the mentioned athlete.

x. A FUNDAÇÃO CÁSPER LÍBERO (CASPER LIBERO FOUNDATION) and/or has the reserved rights to change any of the items in this regulation without previous warning, in conformity to the necessities of the EVENT informing these alterations at the withdrawal of the Kit, when the athlete will reinstate whether wants, or not, to participate in the RACE.

z. The Casper Libero Foundation ( Fundação Casper Líbero) will send, weekly, whenever thought necessary, the technical bulletin via e-mail of registered athletes, noting that the latest technical bulletin referring to the event will be send 5 days prior of the date of the same. 
The technical organizer can also send technical information on a weekly basis or whenever judges necessary to the registered.


a. By registering in the event and paying the registry fee exclusively to the Fundação Casper Líbero, the ATHLETE is activating the participation and access to the same and the use of the infra-structure of support referring to the items 2, 3 and 4 letter b from this regulation.

b. The participation Kit of the event, linked to the registry fee contains:
- Number for the Chest (participation) of mandatory usage.
- A detachable Chip for chronometry (Further information in the Virtual Athlete´s Handbook)
- Athlete´s Information Guide (Virtual Athlete´s handbook).
- Medal of Participation (Post Race – delivered at the end of the Race)
- Electronic Certification (Post Race – available as of 60 days after the official publication of the results).

b.1. Besides the Chest Number and the Information Guide, the athlete may receive as a courtesy and without any link to the registration fee:
- Promotional and/or Celebratory T-shirt.

c. There will not be delivery of the Participation Kit on the day of the event, nor after the closing of the same event.

d. The services and material contained in the item 4.0 b1 may be provided by the ORGANIZATION, PARTNERS, ORGANIZING COMMITTEE, or SPONSORS as of mere free will, to the participants of this EVENT with no obligation and/or standard with market comparatives.

e.The ORGANIZATION may offer the option of choosing the promotional T-shirt sizes given as courtesy and gift with limited quota in quantity without the obligation of making available a stock by size at the moment of delivery of kit and/or at its premises.

f. In case there is a distribution or inclusion of materials that are contained at the item 4.0 b1, the same will not be delivered on the day of EVENT  and/or after the event.

g. In case it is offered by the ORGANIZATION the loan service of the chronometry chips  by the ORGANIZATION, the elaboration, providing of results and/or divulgation and publication of the same, the participant is aware that the responsibility for the correct usage of the chip and the installation of the same to the body / wear is exclusively and solely on the part of the athlete, as well as the passage through the installed carpet for data capturing, as they are electronic devices, and, as such, these can suffer any kind of interference and/or loss of information, making the ORGANIZATION and the PRODUCERS totally exempt of providing of these devices.

h. The organizing committee can receive and/or request information  from participants in order to help with the correction of eventual problems in providing  results, with no definite timeframe or obligation for these corrections within the timeframe of 180 (hundred and eighty) days as of the making of EVENT.

i. The Casper Libero Foundation makes available for contacting with participants, the service of Talk to Us through the site of the event, being this site the sole official source for providing results.

j. The celebratory / promotional T-shirt of the event, as abovementioned,  is a courtesy from the ORGANIZATION and may have variable sizes so that participants can choose during  the process of registration or after making the fee payment.

k. The ORGANIZATION reinstates that, according to the standards of the mentioned item,  that in the hypothesis of T-shirt delivery, this is an act of plain courtesy. The chosen size may be altered/delivered by the ORGANIZATION according to the availability in stock.  

l. There will NOT be a change for the size of T-shirt upon delivery of the participation Kit.


5.1. Specific rules of the Race

a. The minimum age demanded to participate in the event according to norms of the CBAT is of 18 years of age, completed until the date of registry/subscription of the athlete,  and this will also be considered for the effects of classifying athletes by age range. The responsibility for the number of chest usage and attachment is totally of the participant, being personal and non-transferable, being the participant subject to the penalties of the law.

b. The subscriptions can be made by third parties, provided these are of major age and have a written authorization from the ATHLETE, with a copy of identity card of the athlete, which must be presented by this third party upon the act of withdrawal of Kit.

c. The race for the GENERAL SQUAD will last 02h15min (Two hours and fifteen minutes) at the most. That means, from 09h00 until 11h15, being the area of the FINISH line, with its equipment and services deactivated / turned off after this period.

d. The athlete who is not within the projected timeframe, at any point of the circuit, will be invited to leave the competition, ending the race at this point, from which the ORGANIZATION will no longer be responsible for any service or support to this runner.

e. Being invited to leave the competition, the ATHLETE must board one of the buses provided by the ORGANIZATION to return to the START point whenever this service is available.

f. It is only permitted to participate in the EVENT, the ATHLETES who are not suspended, or who are not paying any kind of impeditive penalty imposed by the Confederations or Federations.

g. Anti-doping exams can be applied to the ATHLETES participating in the EVENT at the criterion of the ORGANIZATION, according to the Norm 07 of pedestrian Races of the CBAT.

h. The ATHLETE must follow the circuit established for the race, not being permitted any other means to help reaching any type of advantage or shortcut for the indicated route.

i. It is forbidden the help from third parties, such as people on bicycles or any kind of rehydration during movement, except at the points of supply offered  by the ORGANIZATION, as well as the use of any technological resource without previous authorization, in written, from the ORGANIZATION.

j. There will NOT be payment of any sort to any ATHLETE due to the participation.

k. The participation of the ATHLETE in the EVENT is individual.

l. The ATHLETE takes responsibility and totally declares that he/she knows his/her health status and athletic conditions, and that he/she trained adequately for the EVENT.

m. The Technical Board has the reserved rights to include in the EVENT, ATHLETES especially invited.

n. The Race will make points for the RANKING of races from Rede Globo / Yescom.


The ORGANIZATION will invite for the EVENT:

a. 08 (eight) Brazilian Elite ATHLETES, being 04 men and 04 women, according to the races RANKING of Globo Network / Yescom.

b. In case an ATHLETE invited cannot, for any reason, compete, the immediate following ATHLETE in the RANKING may be, at ORGANIZATION´s own criterion, invited to occupy this slot according to the scheduled date established in the Invitation Letter.

c. There may be invited foreign ATHLETES under the ORGANIZATION of the EVENT´s criterion.

d. The INVITED ATHLETES will have the costs of housing in double or triple room (Standard) and food offered at locations defined by the ORGANIZATION of the EVENT covered by this ORGANIZATION (up to the limit of two days).

e. The coaches (and only these, as no other company will be allowed) for the Brazilian invited ATHLETES will have the costs of housing in double room (standard) and food covered by the ORGANIZATION of the EVENT (up to the limit of two days).

f. In case a coach is responsible or leader of team and/or coach of more than one ATHLETE this coach will be entitled to one invitation only.

g. In case of draw in the RANKING, it will be chosen the ATHLETE that has the best place in the same EVENT of the previous year, and if the draw continues, the chosen will be the one with the best place in the SAO SILVESTRE race immediately prior to this EVENT, and if the draw continues, the chosen will be the one with the best place in the INTERNATIONAL MARATHON OF SAO PAULO of the year prior to this EVENT, and if the draw continues, the chosen will be the one with the best place in the INTERNATIONAL HALF-MARATHON OF RIO DE JANEIRO of the year prior to this EVENT.

h. If the draw cannot be undone through these criteria (item g), the ORGANIZATION will define the invited ATHLETE.


a. The position of the ATHLETE in the RANKING is merely referential.

b. The races that composes the RANKING are: International Half-Marathon of São Paulo, Half-Marathon of Iguacu Falls, 10K Brazil, International Half-Marathon of Rio, International Marathon of Sao Paulo, 10K Rio Pan-American Race (I Athlete), International Volta da Pampulha and International Sao Silvestre Race.

c. The RANKING is resulting  from the sum of scores (points) obtained by Brazilian ATHLETES in the above mentioned races, considering for such, only the latest race of each one of them, within a maximum interval of 12 months.

d. There will be considered for the formation of the RANKING the scores of Brazilians, not being considered the scores of the Foreign ATHLETES.

e. For each race (according to the qualifying) the ATHLETE obtains a score in conformity with the table below:

The ORGANIZATION may, at its own criterion, invite Brazilian  or Foreign Athletes who are not included in the Globo Network  / Yescom Ranking to participate in this EVENT.

Scoring / Qualifying Half Marathon of São Paulo Half Marathon of Iguacu Falls Race I Athlete / 10 K Brazil Half Marathon Rio São Paulo Marathon Race I Athlete / 10k Rio Volta da Pampulha São Silvestre
1st Place 36 18 12 32 45 12 24 24
2nd Place 30 16 10 26 35 10 20 20
3rd Place 24 14 08 22 25 08 16 16
4th Place 21 13 07 18 20 07 14 14
Total 111 61 37 98 125 37 74 74

f. After the invitation, emission for the ELITE SQUAD ATHLETES, according to items 7.a and 7.b and in pursuance to the dates of response, the OTRGANIZATION can, at its own criterion, include the invited ATHLETES, since this inclusion is made until 48 (forty-eight) hours before the race.

g. The invitation for the Elite ATHLETES is personal and non-transferable; any replacement can only be made by mere liberalization from the ORGANIZATION within deadlines and conditions favorable for such action.

h. The ATHLETES in the Elite Squad and their coaching responsible must withdraw their participation kits and their chest numbers in the same place the other categories do, i.e. at the event´s official place of the kit withdrawal, respecting their schedules.

i. There will NOT be delivery of participation kits and of numbers in the coaching forum neither at the day of event.

Ranking Yescom – Globo : Wait for details soon!


a. The registrations will be made VIA INTERNET in Portuguese for ATHLETES residing in Brazil, being that the Casper Líbero Foundation will make available 27.500 vacancies for registration.  The fee for the registration, to where it is aimed to and the ceding party to be credited, are defined solely and exclusively by the Fundação Casper Líbero / Gazeta and the organization is exempt of any responsibility of receiving the registration and reimbursement of any nature related to the registration.

b.Any request of reimbursement or give-up will be made exclusively with the Fundação Casper Líbero, through the e-mail Request will be analyzed by the responsible organisms and upon confirmation the athlete will be contacted to collect the reimbursement.


a. The registrations for the modality of GENERAL SQUAD costs R$ 126, 00 (one hundred and twenty six reais), from 18th of September of 2013 until 30th of November of 2013, or when the maximum number of registrations is reached.

b. The Fundação Casper Líbero can, at its own criterion, extend or change the date of opening and closing of registrations.


a. Application must be made ​​through the website

b. Choose the option “REGISTER”, and follow the step number 1, where the foreign athlete must choose the type of document “PASSPORT”. The other required data must be entered. After registration, make payment using the payment service known as ‘PAY PAL’ in your local currency. There will not be accepted payments on the day of kit delivery.

c. The foreign athletes will pay the following amounts below:

c.1. Registration for the GENERAL SQUAD costs R$ 126.00(one hundred and twenty six reais), and the conversion to the local currency will be made through the payment service known as “PAY PAL”.

d. To withdraw the ATHLETE´s kit, it is necessary to show:

- Original Identity document with photo (Passport);

- Original Payment Slip (copies will not be accepted under any circumstances).

d.1. In order for third parties to withdraw the ATHLETE´s kit, the same documents as above mentioned are required.

d.2. With the kit, the ATHLETE receives the Instructions and the Chest Number.

e. The Organization may at any time suspend or extend deadlines or even add or limit the number of entries in the EVENT function needs / technical availability / Structural without notice.

f. In response to the Elderly Protection Laws, the Organization will make available to athletes older than 60 (sixty) years, the 50% (fifty percent) discount on the registration FEE. The athlete can only enjoy this benefit is made exclusively by enrollment event website.


a. The registration will be made only through the INTERNET, in the website until 30th of November 2013, with the possibility of extension or early closing to the criterion of the FUNDAÇÃO CÁSPER LÍBERO.


10.1. Through the internet

a. Fill out completely and correctly your registration form.

b. Type of payment: bank bill.

c. Print the bank bill.

d. Make the payment as indicated in the bill (under no circumstances there will not be accepted paid bills after the due date).
E.The amount and the date of registration will be considered as of the date of the PAYMENT, not as of the date of filling out the form of registration.

f. THE CONFIRMATION OF PAYMENT is a unique document, and the ORGANIZATION does not hold a copy of the same.

10.2. Courtesy Registrations

a. The Fundação Casper Líbero can, at its own criterion, provide courtesy registrations for the participation in the event to programs of social reach and /or public service,  since the same is requested at least with the minimum of 45 (forty five) days earlier.

b. The request does not guarantee the courtesy as this is made out of free will at the discretion of the ORGANIZER.

c. Courtesy requests will not be accepted for athletes with registration accepted, paid and/or courtesy. In case of any eventuality a courtesy is conceded to any athlete who has already registered and paid the registration fee, or even received a courtesy registration, there will not be reimbursement of the paid amount, transfer of this registration to a third person, or even an extra kit will be handed, that means that the participant will have the right to the services that the courtesy will provide. 


a. The delivery of the participation kit is forecast to be made jointly with the courtesy of the delivery of the detachable chip on the dates of 27th, 28th and 29th of December from 0900am until 0700pm and on the 30th of December from 0900am until 0400pm, at the Ginásio Estadual Geraldo José de Almeida - Rua Manoel da Nóbrega, 1361 - São Paulo.

COACHING FORUM (Only for the athletes in the category Elite A/B Female and Male): The information for the COACHING FORUM is undergoing definition and will be divulged in the official site of the event.

b. There will not be registrations and delivery of kit on the day of the race, nor after the same.  

c. To withdraw the ATHLETE´s kit, it is necessary to present:

- Identity document with original photograph (RG or a Driver´s License);

- PAYMENT CONFIRMATION or the ORIGINAL PAID FEE print (there will not accepted copies under any circumstances). This confirmation will be withheld in the moment of the delivery of the kit.  

d. In order for third parties to withdraw the ATHLETE´S kit, it is necessary to present the same above mentioned documents. In case of original document missing, the person can present a validated copy of the ATHLETE´S documents. (Copies will not be accepted under any circumstances).

Note: The statement with the chest number, sent via e-mail, is not valid as payment confirmation.

e. With the “Kit” the ATHLETE receives instructions and the Chest Number.

f.As mentioned in the letter “a” above, for this EVENT the ORGANIZATION, with no obligation, out of courtesy and free will, may provide to the ATHLETE, once he/she requests, and as a loan, the  “CHIP” to timekeeping and chronometry, which will be delivered jointly with the participation kit, following the criteria described  in the item 4 of this regulation.

11.1. Term of Individual or Team responsibility

I agree with the term of responsibility.


I declare that:

• The personal data that were or that will be provided to make this registration for the event valid, with the Fundação Casper Líbero and the Ranking for Yescom are of my total responsibility and/ or of my coaching representative, team director or coordinator.

• I have read and I completely agree with the regulation of the event, available on the internet page on the website, expressly declining  that all rules contained are based on balance and common sense, and I cannot, therefore, allege on a furthest time that I do not agree with these.

• I participate in the event  89ª CORRIDA INTERNACIONAL DE SÃO SILVESTRE in free and spontaneous will, exempting of any responsibility the ORGANIZERS,  Sponsors and Producers, in my name and of my successors.  

• I am aware of my health status and that I am able to participate, as I am in perfect health and have trained adequately for this event, just in case there is any damage against anyone.

• I am responsible to pay any values derived from personal or material damages caused by participation during this event.

• Through this document, I give all rights to use my image(including the rights on the arena), renouncing to receive any funds that may come through the divulgation material, campaigns, information, TV broadcast, clips, rebroadcasting, news features, commercial promotions, licensing and pictures, at any time, place or medium currently available or that may be implemented in the market for this and other events, or in the above described actions made by the Fundação Casper Líbero and/or its commercial partners.

• I am aware that, by enrolling or registering, I am including myself automatically to the databank of the Fundação Casper Líbero and Yescom, authorizing this, since now, to send to the physical or electronic address provided, any type of physical or electronic mail to participate of any promotion or promotional event of incentive as well as commercial, developed by the same or by its partners.

• I agree to pay all my travel expenses, accommodation, food, transfers, insurance, medical assistance, and any other necessary expenses in connection with my participation in this event, before, during or after the same.  

• Representative, coach, or team coordinator, in total agreement with the regulation of the race and with all my responsibilities above specified, in any time or place, with nothing to claim by now or in the future, due to the nature of the rules and regulations, to which I understand they are in clear good faith and strict common sense.

• I accept that I must not hold or use inside the area of the event, including the route and at the delivery of the kit, or in any place of visibility in the event towards the audience, or means of divulgation and promotion, no political, promotional or publicity material, nor letters that may be spotted by others without written authorization from the ORGANIZATION; and also, no type of material or object that may endanger the safety of the event, participants and / or the people present, accepting that I can be removed by the organization or authorities from the above described areas.

• In the case of participating in this event, representing teams of participants or service providers and/or any media vehicle, I declare that I have total knowledge, and that I accept the regulation of the event, as well as to respect the areas of the organization destined to themselves, and that I am forbidden to participate in the structures of support to the teams  assembled in inadequate places, or that may interfere with the course of the event, and also in places with no written authorization from the organization, and that I can be removed at any time.  

• Regardless of being present or not at the moment of enrollment, as well as in the moment of withdrawal of my participation kit, which was duly made by me, or through my COACH, TEAM CAPTAIN or TEAM MANAGER; I state that I am aware of all the regulatory points for the race, as well as about my rights and obligations within the event, and I state that they are valid, expressively since that they are formulated in common sense and good will.

• I state to be in agreement that I can receive, out of courtesy and free sill, from the Organization the right to choose the day and place for the delivery of the kit and the size of the T-shirt (whenever these options are available in the process of enrollment obeying criterion of the item 4 of this regulation).

• I am aware that, all services will be available only after the duly paid fee which is of the responsibility of the ATHLETE registered and he/she must watch all messages sent via e-mail at the electronic address registered, as well as to access the site of the event in order to verify modifications of this regulation, news and information about the availability of services and/or courtesies for the participation in the event.

• In case it is offered by the ORGANIZATION  the service of loan of chip for chronometry , result providing and/or divulgation and publishing of the same, the participant is aware about the responsibility for the correct usage of the chip and its installation in the body /clothes which is of total responsibility of the ATHLETE, as well as for the passage in the carpet of data capturing, because these are electronic devices, and as such they can be damaged or have some kind of interference and/or loss of information, and the ORGANIZATION is exempt and PRODUCERS about the providing of these.


a. In case the ORGANIZATION, out of free will, offers the CHIP, as per criteria from item 4 of this regulation, this CHIP will be delivered jointly with the participation Kit. The delivery of the participation kit is scheduled to happen with the courtesy delivery of the detachable chip on the dates of 27th, 28th and 29th of December from 0900am until 0700pm and on the 30th of December from 0900am until 0400pm at the Ginásio Estadual Geraldo José de Almeida – Rua Manoel da Nóbrega, 1361 – Sao Paulo.

COACHING FORUM (Only for category Elite A/B Athletes Female and Male): The information for the COACHING FORUM is undergoing definition and will be divulged on the official site of the event.

b. When the ATHLETE withdraws the chip, he/she must verify personal data.

c. Registration problem complaints will not be accepted after the withdrawal of the chip.

d. The chip must be attached to the tennis shoe string of the right foot, in a vertical position.

e. Note: The chip for chronometry is detachable and the participation medal will be delivered at the end of the race.

f. The use of the chip is MANDATORY to the ATHLETES that receive it, and its non-usage can result in the elimination of the ATHLETE. 


a. The qualifying for ATHLETES in the race will be defined according to the position (timing / order of arrival) and will be published on the website of the EVENT in the bulletin “RESULTS”.

b. For the qualifying of the ATHLETES in the Elite A and B (Male and Female), will be considered the gross timing and for the qualifying in other categories the net timing will be considered.


d. All ATHLETES registered in the GENERAL CATEGORY according to AGE RANGE will be in the QUALIFYING.

e. The information of results on the website of the event may be made as of 72 hours after the closing of the event.


a. Every ATHLETE that completes the EVENT in accordance to this REGULATION will have the right to the following specific bonuses:

14.1. General Considerations

a. At the date of the EVENT, the only ATHLETES to receive justified bonuses (on an extra official manner) will be those qualified from the 1st to the 5th places in the GENERAL FEMALE AND MALE CATEGORY.

b. There will be no bonus ceremony at the podium, neither the delivery of trophies, for the AGE RANGE.

c. No other bonus, except the foreseen in item 15.1, letter A and B, will be delivered on the date of the EVENT.

d. Whenever provided from the ORGANIZATION according to the item 4 of this regulation, the extra official results will be divulged as of 72 hours after the closing of the EVENT, on the website of the same.

f. The bonuses will NOT be cumulative.

g. Every ATHLETE, who has their names called for bonus, must go immediately to the area of bonuses delivery for the delivery of bonus.  

h. The electronic certificate will be available as of 30 days, after the official publication of the results.

i. Whenever there is any type of bonus in cash or as incentive with reached goal, the amounts presented refer to the total of the value to be paid by the ORGANIZER and will be owed to each winning ATHLETE the payment of the equivalent taxes, fees, documentation and transfer.

j. The incentives bonuses of reached goal will be delivered, through the bank or savings account in the name of the ATHLETE or ATTORNEY-IN-POWER, to the ATHLETES according to their merit,  up to 180 (one hundred and eighty) days after the divulgation by the ORGANIZER of the official result of the EVENT and the receipt of letter of approval  of payment to the athlete from the organization. To receive the payment, the ATHLETE must obey the criteria demanded by the ORGANIZATION  (letter of winning competition signed with NOTARY ENDORSEMENT and AUTHENTICATED COPY OF IDENTITY CARD AND CPF. The awards may be paid in installments and on different times to the account of beneficiary.

k. The ATHLETES who do not return the letter of bonus to the ORGANIZATION within up to 180 (hundred and eighty ) days after the receiving of the same, accepting that the amount of the bonus can be donated to ADD (Sports Association for the Handicapped) in the city of Sao Paulo.

l. The official result of the EVENT for the qualified from 1st to the 10th place in the Category Female and Male General Squad, depends on the official divulgation by the CBAT or from another authority competent with the anti-doping exam or yet from any other restriction met by the ORGANIZATION.

m. The ORGANIZATION has the right to include any other type of bonuses that will be divulged on the website of the EVENT.

n. The ATHLETES / TEAM who are not present at the time of the TROPHIES delivery to them entitled on the day of the EVENT will have up to sixty (60) days to request the sending of the same (through mail) to the office of the ORGANIZATION in Sao Paulo, through the FAX (11) 4208-7286.

o. In case the ATHLETE / TEAM wants that the TROPHY is sent, according to the above item, this can be arranged to be sent within the Brazilian territory served by the Brazilian Mail Service, provided that the expenses of remittance (including packaging, insurance, and others) is paid by the ATHLETE / TEAM.

14.2. Bonus of the general qualifying of the event

a. The FIRST FIVE ATHLETES (MALE AND FEMALE) that have completed the race will receive a medal for the participation, a trophy and/or special medal.  

b. The ATHLETES with position between 1st and 10th places will receive an incentive bonus by reached goal according to the table below:

Position Male Female
1º place 50.000,00 50.000,00
2º place 25.000,00 25.000,00
3º place 15.000,00 15.000,00
4º place 10.000,00 10.000,00
5º place 7.000,00 7.000,00
6º place 3.000,00 3.000,00
7º place 2.000,00 2.000,00
8º place 1.000,00 1.000,00
9º place 1.000,00 1.000,00
10º place 1.000,00 1.000,00
TOTAL R$ 115.000 X 2 = R$ 230.000,00

c. The Organization may add bonus / awards / to its own criterion. The fees and taxes will be paid the receiver of the prize, exempting the organization of any responsibility upon this issue.

14.3. Bonus of the Age Range qualifying

a. THERE WILL NOT BE BONUS BY AGE RANGE NEITHER DELIVERY OF TROPHIES OR PODIUM CEREMONY, only collection and publication of results on the website of EVENT, according to the table below and item 4 of this regulation:

b. Any request over results must be made through the e-mail  but the same will be published by the Fundação Casper Líbero on the website of the event.

Youngsters 18 & 19 years old
Adults 20 to 24 years old
25 to 29 years old
30 to 34 years old
Pre-Veteran 35 to 39 years old
Veterans 40 to 44 yrs old
45 to 49 yrs old
50 to 54 yrs old
55 to 59 yrs old
60 to 64 yrs old
65 to 69 yrs old
70 to 74 yrs old
75 to 79 yrs old
80 & over 80 yrs old
Youngsters 18 to 19 yrs old
Adults 20 to 24 yrs old
25 to 29 yrs old
Pre-Veteran 30 to 34 yrs old
Veterans 35 to 39 yrs old
40 to 44 yrs old
45 to 49 yrs old
50 to 54 yrs old
55 to 59 yrs old
60 to 64 yrs old
65 to 69 yrs old
70 & over 70 yrs old

14.4. Bonus of the category Handicapped Athletes

a. Every PARTICIPANT of the category HANDICAPPED ATHLETE that has completed the race, according to this regulation, will receive a medal of participation.  

b. There will be no other type of bonus for the category, being this a participation race.

Male Female
Wheelchair Wheelchair
Visual Handicapped Visual Handicapped
Amputees of Lower Limbs Amputees of Lower Limbs
Lower Limb Walking Lower Limb Walking
Mentally-Handicapped Mentally-Handicapped
Upper Limb Handicap Upper Limb Handicap
Hard of Hearing Handicap Hard of Hearing Handicap


a. THE ORGANIZATION may, at its criterion, include any type of special participation or bonus.

b. Doubts or technical information, clarify these with the technical ORGANIZATION, through

c. The telephone of communication to the athletes at Yescom is (11) 4191-1236. Through this telephone number there will be solved problems regarding enrollment (Identity card, CPF and/or password). The hours of attendance will be from Monday to Friday (except holidays) from 09:00am to 05:00pm.

d. The ORGANIZATION may, at its criterion, or according to the necessities of the EVENT, include or change this REGULATION, totally or in part, being certain that on such case, on the date set for the delivery of the KIT, the ATHLETE may choose to participate, or not, in the event.

e. The doubts or overlooking of this REGULATION will be clarified by the ORGANIZATION Board / or by the ORGANIZERS / PRODUCERS on a sovereign basis, not allowing complaints to these decisions.

f. Up to the date of the event there may be adjustments of the route with the objective of achieving technical enhancement and better attendance to the necessities of the city and the pertinent public organizations, maintaining the start and finish lines in the places described in the item 1 of this regulation.